Founded 1991
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  • BKL I/S – Copenhagen Airport Hydrant
  • Oilconsult A/S Consulting Engrs. & Planners
  • COWI Consulting Engrs. & Planners
  • DI Teknik A/S (DONG A/S, ØRSTED A/S)
  • DSB – Danish National Railways
  • FDO – Danish National Safety Stock
  • FILSØ BOOSTER STATION. Fluid Mechanical calculations on 150,000 BPD oil booster pump station.
  • Aircraft refueling control & supervision system. HRS leakdetection Bruxelles airport. Model development and QA-review.
  • Tank inventory control system – CPH. Development and commissioning.
  • Copenhagen Air port. Leak detection systems. Commissioning, testing and maintenance
  • Modeling of temperature profile and environmental consequence calculations. FDO leak detection project. Kalundborg refinery to Hedehusene oil terminal. Development and implementation of dynamic leak detection model of multi-component pipelines.
  • Tank leak detection system. Development and commissioning
  • Gardemoen airport, Oslo. Redesign and development of leak detection system. Simulation of boosting scenarios for Prøvestensrørledningerne
  • Dynamic and static leakdetection system for transmission pipe line. DSB

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